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J. Michael Crawford

Mr. Crawford currently directs his consulting firm, Solo Systems, Inc., providing expertise in information management, systems integration, and object-oriented software and web development. Recent work has resulted in projects for such companies as Northwestern Mutual, Travelers, Pitney-Bowes, AAA, several Blue Cross organizations, USF&G, Ohio State University, and others. Mr. Crawford also spends time on technical writing, and having authored Bongo for Dummies, an IDG Books Dummies Press book on Marmiba's Bongo Java programming tool. Primary efforts now include the marketing and development of a facility-wide electronic medical monitoring system which he has patented, and a patent-pending on information display technology.

Mr. Crawford received his BSE in Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Air Force, and served in the Civil Engineering Squadron at Dover Delaware. In addition to running a consultancy for the past ten years, Mr. Crawford has held positions as Head of Development for Skyborough Associates, a desktop publishing company, Technical Director for the DUART Group, a Human Resources consulting organization, and Chief Information Officer for Firestar, Inc., an enterprise knowledge management company. 

Mr. Crawford has worked in Java, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Microsoft Access, and has spent time developing database applications with SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and Access.

Solo Systems, Inc.

Solo Systems, Inc. is a small network of computer consultants who work together as a flexible team on various assignments, with team members varying from project to project. Central to our philosophy is the concept of training and empowering our clients to function without us, leaving future business as an option rather than a necessity. We would rather work closely with a few clients in solid, voluntary relationships than to create dependent clients, and therefore a situation of forced "job security". All of our applications are fully-inheritable, and are designed to be so from the start, allowing clients to take as much control of their systems as they desire.


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