Solowatch is a patented medical monitoring technology* that introduces two features that are vital to modern patient monitoring systems:

A Map-Based Interface allows Solowatch to use a color-coded map to display the status of each patient at a glance. If an emergency is happening in room 110, that room will flash red on a display map. If a wireless patient experiences a warning condition, the patientís location will turn yellow. The same map-based interface works for patients outside the facility.

Alarms Based on Patient Status enable Solowatch to base its alarms not only on vital signs, but also on the status of the patient. A heart rate of 160 could be reasonable for an patient climbing the stairs in a hospital or jogging about town. The same heart rate could also signal an emergency for a patient in critical condition.

Wide-scale monitoring systems need these two features, especially if they are wireless. These
systems will not be feasible if they cannot locate patients, or if they donít treat ambulatory and critical patients differently. Solowatch is the only place these features can be found.

The rest of this brochure and web site provide a clearer picture of how Solowatch can improve patient monitoring and provide dramatic cost savings.  Please feel free to contact us anytime -- we are always happy to answer questions and provide additional information.


* US Patent no. 5,331,549

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By J. Michael Crawford.
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