Project Status

Essentially all that is needed to create a complete installation is nine months, a few hundred thousand dollars, and an FDA approval. More specifically:

  • All design work and logic flow has been completed, including the choice of components, medical monitoring devices, systems hardware and software, etc. In addition, the patent ( US patent 5,331, 549) which covers the system and its method of operation was filed in July, 1992, and awarded in July, 1994.

  • The system needs to be translated from its current Java demo incarnation into a production system based upon industrial monitoring software. This work should take approximately six to nine months, and cost between $200,000 and $500,000.

  • We have arranged for this implementation work to be done by a third-party systems integrator. In the event that our technology and/or company become the property of another corporation, work can continue with our planned consulting firm, or we can arrange for such tasks to be taken on by another party, or moved in-house.

  • Before Solowatch can be installed and used in a hospital or another health-care facility, it must be approved by the FDA. Because this process is dependent upon the FDA, we cannot make any guarantees regarding time span. However, phone conversations with FDA representatives have lead us to believe that this can be accomplished in about six to nine months by filing for a 510k approval.

  • For additional information, feel free to contact us.

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