Corporate Goals

Our strength is in innovation, not implementation.  While we were the right company to develop the Solowatch idea, we're not the right ones to bring it to the marketplace.  We are therefore shooting for one of the following goals:

a)  Sell/license the Solowatch technology to a monitoring company or groups of monitoring companies that can add it to their current product line.  Any major vendor could add the technology in a matter of months.

b)  Sell/license the technology to a third party that can benefit from having it (insurance group, hospital group, holding corporation, etc.).

c)  Partner with a company to bring the system to market.  Obviously the most labor-intensive of the three goals, but still a viable option.

As far as compensation goes, we would like to relate it to the profit for selling a single system (which could be spread out over time), or some sort of royalty arrangement with an initial payment plus minimum yearly amounts. Should anyone express interest, we're sure there is a way that we can set up a system involving cash and/or stock that would be fair to all parties. For a description of where the project currently stands, please see our Project status page.

We are also willing to pay a finder's fee to anyone who can introduce us to the company or companies which purchase our stock or license our technology.

We do not plan to sell or install individual systems. Should anyone desire an installation, we will be more than happy to explore alternate ways of achieving such a goal.

Who might be interested?

Our thoughts are that this would be ideal for any corporation who wishes to sell, distribute, or install facility-wide medical monitoring systems, or possibly license (or sub-license) the technology to such companies.

Because Solowatch systems can improve care while saving more money than they cost (see Savings example), this would also make sense for any group of hospitals, such as an HMO or hospital network. Especially since such a group would be spared from paying individual profit mark-ups on each system, a collective savings which could easily total tens of millions of dollars for even a moderately-sized hospital network..

One major medical monitoring equipment manufacturer has already expressed interest in licensing our technology. However, their plans are still in the strategic phase, and are at least three to five years out. If we have to wait that long, we will, but we would much rather see the system installed and in-use sometime in the next nine to twelve months.

Where do we go from here?

Contact us any time, or stop by for some coffee - we'd be delighted to discuss potential business arrangements. If you don't like something about the system or our preferred means of transferring ownership of the technology, bring it up, and maybe we can work something out. There's always more than one way to achieve a goal, and we'd hate to artificially limit ourselves or our potential partners.

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By J. Michael Crawford.
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