Solowatch Quick Summary



  Solowatch is a patented medical monitoring technology that has two features that are vital to wireless monitoring and facility-wide monitoring:

          Map-based Interface.  Solowatch is the only technology that can locate patient emergencies on a map.

          Alarms Based on Patient Status.  Solowatch is the only technology that can perform triage, grading alarms for critical patients differently than for ambulatory patients.

  Large-scale monitoring systems need these two features, especially if they are wireless. These systems will not be feasible if they cannot locate patients, or if they don't treat ambulatory and critical patients differently.  To get a clearer picture of how a Solowatch system could operate, check out the first three pages in the online brochure.

  In any case, Solowatch is the only place these features can be found.  

Industry Status:

  None of the major monitoring vendors offer the key Solowatch features. 


  Find strong partners to capitalize on the technology.

  Best options are either finding a vendor who can implement the technology, or forming a group to license the technology to a variety of vendors. Solowatch can be also be transformed from a technology to a working system in less than six months using existing equipment. However, building and selling systems is obviously the most capital and labor-intensive route to take.


  If you have any thoughts about how to capitalize on the potential of Solowatch technology, please contact us.  Should anyone be interested, we're sure we can find a way to work things out.

  Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this.

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By J. Michael Crawford.
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