Savings Example

The graphs below were taken from the cost estimate for our first proposal. The total cost would be recovered within 28 months, saving over $12 million in the next ten years (top graph below). Had the project been financed with a six-year 12% loan, the savings would exceed financing payments by over $45,000 per month (bottom graph below). For the calculations that went into these figures, please see the Savings calculations page.

The next page shows the calculations that went into making these graphs. Actual savings will be greater due to two main reasons: 1) the estimate only addresses some of the labor savings, ignoring all other factors, and 2) values such as time spent monitoring and employee cost are higher than assumed. If adjusted for realistic values, total savings could double those shown.

Regardless of how the individual figures pan out, the true cost of supervising a hospital full of patients is certainly greater than the expense of the five staff positions used in our estimate. A Solowatch system can provide significant savings while elevating patient care and safety to levels currently not available; Powerful reasons to consider it.

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